1. Screen size = 1024 x 768. Text size = Medium

2. High speed connection required for slide show mode. Also, JavaScript must be enabled.

3. Cities highlighted in green have content. Cities highlighted in blue have been recently improved.

4. Number in bracket after city name indicates how many photos there are for that city.

5. After clicking on a city, the window for that city will open showing the first photo and the controls.

6. The captions are in a pull-down, so you can randomly go to any photo.

7. Slide show controls are either to the right or below the captions, depending on the length of the captions.

8. If the controls are below the captions, you may have to go View/Toolbars and unselect Address Bar to gain enough vertical height.

9. If you have high speed service, simply press Start. Photos will change every 10 seconds. Press Stop to stop.

10. The manual controls are from left to right: jump to beginning, back one, Start/Stop, forward one, jump to end.

11. The two extra links at Las Vegas 2005 are Quicktime MOVs. Apple's Quicktime must be installed. They are 7 MB files, be patient.


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